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Family Matters


Munich, Germany on March 2, 1952 at 4:30 A.M.


Tom S. Clark (Colonel USAF ret.)
Janice B. Clark (domestic engineer)


Tom S. Clark, Jr.
Garrett B. Clark
Donald S. Clark
Suzanne S. Burnell
Camilla J. Brown

School years

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As a kid I was an Air Force Brat. As such, we moved around quite a bit. The following table shows most of the places I lived while growing up. Maybe we knew each other. If so (or you think we might) write me: kenny at

Belleville, Illinois
Fairfax (Mantua Hills), Virginia
West Palm Beach, Florida

After surviving Palm Beach High I went off to the University of Florida in the fall of 1970. I entered the pre-engineering program and eventually received my BS degree in Nuclear Engineering.

Hobbies and Interests

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I've been playing tennis off and on since I was about eight or nine. I must give credit to my cousin Marquita for getting me started on the game. My USTA rating is 4.0 (but that is a stretch!), singles and doubles. I am a member of the db Racquet Club here in Gainesville.


Well, I have finally "crossed over" from skiing to snowboarding. However, I'm too far gone to try to keep up with the "youngsters" racing down the mountains these days. It is a challenge for me to get down without bruising my backside! But I have to admit it is fun! See you on the slopes early March sometime.

Mountain Biking

I'm not sure you can call it "mountain biking" here in Florida... more like hill riding. In any case, I enjoy getting out and riding the trails at the San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park.

Playing on the computer

Well, what can I say. At work I play on the computer and at home I play on the computer. Of course there is less stress when I play at home. Probably my all time favorite program is Quicken. Not only do we use it for keeping our check book and credit cards straight, but it makes a great diary. If I feel the need for a little depression then I can get a great view on where all the money is going. Or, if we are trying to remember when we did this or that, or how much such-and-such cost, then the answer is usually just a few mouse clicks away.

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